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2005 updates: Small Chekhov Fall * "Four Farces & One Funeral" -- Chekhov.05
Chekhov's one-acts are updated -- The Bear, The Proposal (1st act -- Oh, Love!), Wedding, Tobacco (Act II -- Ah, Marriage!), but I'm still working on the "funeral" (Last Day of Anton Chekhov). mini-chekhov * CHE'05 : cast and crew @ *
I am teaching DramLit -- (subscribe) and see THR215 for subjects, topics, titles.
Spring 2006 -- Waiting for Godot, Beckett -- new pages ( see shows )

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
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3 Sisters, Mikado, 12th Night, The Importance of Being Earnest, Dangerous Liaisons, Don Juan
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Spring 2002: Dangerous Liaisons

Real webmaster is supposed to update his webpages at least once a year, I haven't done it in three years! Bad!

You see, I am busy making new pages! And new directories! Yes, I update the class pages every time I teach this or that course, but the old pages serve mostly as archives.

It takes a lot of time to scan or simply put the photos on; you better go for Theatre UAF website and see how the shows I directed look like.

I had a crazy idea that I should have my online portfolio, I had to give up on it. Even refreshing my CV is not really done. Honestly, even those etextbooks, I am carving from my notes for classes, are too much.

Never mind the "new" page(s), you should look up what I teach this semester and then you go there -- oh, the class pages are updated daily!

You could also subscribe yourself to my classes or/and production forums and than you will know what's up.

I do not have a newsletter of mailing list (too much work). I do not answer emails of the general nature. Do not read the message in my guestbooks. I resigned from the several editor's positions (to save time for writing). What can I say? I do not have time to proofread my pages...

I thought that I can turn my production notes for the shows into some sort of showcases for directing majors. So, nowadays I do everything online (without having backups). In short, I would appreciate, if you email me corrections, pages with the errors, misspelling and etc. Thanks in advance.

In each directory and subdirectory I have Notes pages, the place where I write about what is ahead, my plans, including the webmaster's notes to myself.

Read about Virtual Theatre projects; this is the direction I am moving in -- webcast production and webevent. Directing on the web... If you have simular interest, contact me: subscribe to vTheatre Forum!

SHOWS: 12th Night
2004: plans




Evaluation a Show:
Play: _________

Characters: (list ones you remember)
Secondary :

Conflict (External and Internal):

Plot: (Linear * Epic * Cyclic * Plotless)
Summarise (including the subplots)


Stylistic Features (Concept):


Dramatic Appeal:

Representative Quote:

Evaluation of Directing:
Play/Production: _______
Director's Name:


Visual Elements:



Names of Principle Actors and Characters:

Supporting Actors & Characters:

Evaluating the Designs:
Scene Designer/Set:

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Oedipus review
Shrew poster

Beckett in Directing Class script breakdown

Godot biblio notes


2007 --

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1990... 2006
2005: There is no way I can update all my pages -- you have to check the "new" pages and/or get on my mailing list. This is the old directory (1998); my online production notes (showcases) I began to keep in 1999. 2004-2005 season -- The Taming of the Shrew and Oedipus X (see the mini-banners). Anatoly
(Maybe) Later I'll post my notes... "The Mikado" and now "3 Sisters" have their own directories (Director's Notes, PR, photos, links). I hope I can have my own translation of Chekhov by mid Summer (done). There are several pages on "3 Sis" from Advanced Directing/Acting Class, Spring 1999.

Since I teach directing there are numerous references to the shows I directed on my class-pages. First -- dealing with the texts. Second -- conceptualization. You have to read instructional pages to see how I direct. I didn't have time to scan the reviews, sorry.

Every production I view as my learning experience and consider each show as succes or failior depending on how much had I learn. If directing a show hadn't change me personally, I wasted my time.

From time to time I direct my own plays and every time I promice myself not to do it again. Many times I tailored the texts (when I work with the public domain plays), maybe this is my film background which requires to see any production as a concept, not text-oriented process.

I have a long list of plays I wish to direct (Wish List), the number of them greater than number of years left for me.

Albee-Shows Directory
"Postmodern Modernism" -- the paper I wrote for the 1997 Albee Conference (see Playscript Analysis class directory).

Regardless Albee's critical recognition, I believe that he is one of the most underrated contemporary American playwrights. "Who Is Afraid of Virigia Woolf" is a true classic; I know it -- every time I want to direct the same material again, I know that I deal with the great writing.

I have to suply my DramLit and Playscript Analysis classes with the text of this play, because you can't find it in many anthologies. To understand fully this fact, we have to study the grey area -- the borderline between the death of modernity and the postmodern (see POMO @ Film-North).

Double Cast and not cuts.

Also, see Theatre UAF: University of Alaska Fairbanks


For paper on/around the show go the Death and POV Web Site. (Also, "Self" directory)

The Glass Menagerie

(See Dramatic Literature Class)

Click on to go to Pre-Pro Page: Mikado: Spring 1999

I hope I will have enough energy to put on a page about shows I wish to direct. Like "Hamlet".... I have a short list of plays I want to stage. Or should I say I wanted to do. My time is running out.

Also, Dada/Futurist Lab Theatre in the Fall 1998



Musical, Main Stage

A Russian Christmas Tale

RAT The musical I wrote full of expectations before my return with the Russian American Theatre to Russia. For details of this disastrous journey go to RAT pages (my "Russian Pages") ... But the music was good (Jim Bell) and the cast was great.
I don't know where the script and musical score are.

There are several photos (thanks to Tara, go to her Costumer Manifesto big website) from the show on other pages to illustrate some aspects of directing: vertical levels, group scenes, relations between the group (chorus) and leading actors (focus), visual composition and etc.

Inve$tor General

Inve$tor: my translation/adaptation of the Gogol's masterpiece (American grad student stuck in post-perestroyka Siberia).


See text in the PLAYS directory and the poster at Java Dreams. Carol

Christmas Carol

The show I didn't like. I didn't like everything -- the story, the adaptation, and the director. Photos at Kade Mendelowitz Alaskasbest website.


My first show at UAF: my tribute to Vakhtangov.

[ old page, see updates @ ]


Woyzeck-Directing: good for the study of Epic Theatre and Biomechanics (Meyerhold)

(Only my UAF productions for now. It'll take time to scan the photos and reviews)

List of photos from my shows used on this website will be on Reference Page one day... For now use Theatre UAF Website (official)

* Shakespeare'2000 -- Twelfth Night, main stage.

HamletDreams -- 2001


Teaching directing: direct and StageMatrix: Mayerhold for Directors

Directing in Russia: RAT -- Russian American Theatre Project 1992-94 (St.Petersburg-Moscow)

Film Directing is not listed.

Virtual Theatre: research -- Theatre Theory directory!

My resume could give you a better chronology!

My Shows
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