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Between pomo (postmodern) and beta (vtheatre) -- post-text theatre.
Visual = director's, not playwright's.
Ritual, movement based -- pre-world spectacle, but Aristotle still stands. How I plan to use this group: T-blog [anatolant.spaces.live.com] & virtual theatre [anatolant.vox.com] blogs : first is for teaching/instructions and second -- for theory?
After "first drafts" it should go to stagematrix.com & meyerhold.us
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Theatre w/Anatoly *
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SHOWS: 12th Night
2004: web-plans


chekhov pages @ vtheatre


If intro is not enough! "Into" is for them, not me!

The (my) webpages is not for me.

Why should I even read them?

Why I should look at the mirror?

Could some places in (my) "thousand islands" be for me?

Something for me to discover about myself.



CLASSES directory
While the pages are growing I have to create new entrance page again. First it was Default page, then Title and Intro... Well, here is the American Age for you; the pages are disposable -- it's easier to make a new generation than to improve the old ones.

The new generation (#3) of my webpages is the organization in narrative form (you see the "next" at the end of each page). In what order to read them? I use the class syllabus for each directory in Classes directory, my web-supported live classes is one thing... and online learning is another.

Year ago I thought that I will organize the texts as books, e-books. But the search engines have different logic; the topical organization (something like dictionary). This is why you can see "Shows" and "Research" directories. Or "Books"... Or...

Like in super-markets.

This why I have "web" sub-directories everywhere, to understand the nature of the beast.

In classes I tried the "thematic approach" -- to group pages around the aesthetic or moral categories.

* GODOT.06: Doing Beckett => main stage Theatre UAF Spring 2006 *
A little bit about everything: acting, directing, drama, but nothing on tech theatre.


Originally, this was the main directory at theGlobe, but this server went out of business in 2001 and I had to it as subdirectory at Geocities. I suspect that "Theatre w/Anatoly" will swallow the whole site.





Each directory and even subdirectory has its own FAQ page.

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I do not teach Intro to Theatre and therefore I don't know, when I will be working on this directory again.
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