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A gateway page for other link-pages within the specific directories. So, I say a few words how to use them, the links on my site.

First, the "inner links" -- links to my other pages and websites. If you a webmaster, you know about the "tree structure" -- from Film Gateway Page, for example, you go to the Film Directory, from there -- to different subdirectories at Film-North: Theory, Filmmaking, Books and etc. lul-addis

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This is an old page bult when I learn webmaster's trade and discovered that my site should have "links page"! Somehow I didn't realize that each directory must have its own "links page"! Why? Because I myself need to store the website that are useful for me. Well, now I know -- when you click on links, the top left frame opens the links! Acting, Directing, Drama, Film.

During this "links period" I even was an editor for several portals and search engines... no time anymore. Besides, I pushed this Anatoly-webmaster on the back seat, I was sick of his music files, graphics and so on.

My sites are content oriented and I better stay with the texts. There are a lot of sites for links only. Also, I place HTMLgears everywhere and if you want to submit your links, go ahead, do it yourself.

Anatoly 2001


Theatre w/Anatoly II

Submit your URL to Theatre: Directing


Go there and bookmark it: http://dmoz.org/Arts/Performing_Arts/Theatre/Directing

Aphrodite - 200X Aesthetics

Theatre Listing, huge

Arts Deadlines List

Guide to American Periodical Series
Edwin Booth/Lawrence Barrett Site
Clyde Fitch mss Survey (Yale)
Harvard Theatre Collection Notecards
Ad for new CD-ROM
Broadway 101 (History of the Great White Way)
George M Cohan School of Playwrights
Ethel Barrymore
English Actors from Turn of the Century (many also toured US)
American Theatre History: Links
Finelli Theatre History on the web

Theatre Network Magazine
Back Stage
Theatre World Internet Magazine
Stage Directions Magazine
Theatre Express Magazine (Bay Area)
The Development of the Scenic spectacle: Stage Design.

Richard Schechner (212) 998 1638
fax: (212) 998 1627; 777 1351 Richard Schechner; TDR

PostModernCulture: PMC*****

The British Theatre Guide

Theatre eBookstore Drama in HS Theatre Syllabi Bank
This Month in Theatre History
Inkspot: Writers

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I thought about rating the links (like ***), they are not equal, you know. Some of them are very good, some are okay. I don't copy the bad ones. Well, I do not have time and talent of the collector, folks.

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