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Stage Directing Theory
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Only recently I realized that the new material I introduce is not an advantage for the books, if not properly explained. Especially, the parts on mise-en-scene in StageMatrix or Biomechanics, relatively unknown fields in theatre training in American schools.

First, I will try to reorganized the lessons closer to the "measured" plans.

Folks, I know by experience how long it takes anything new to mature on the web. This website is three year old and the third generation is when the pages must become fully usefull. See Notes pages, Notes for Myself, the instructor.

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See students pages in every subject directory (drama, acting, directing, film).

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I have to spend the extra effort to "translate" some techniques, which are common in Russian school of theatre training and not in the West (European school is closer to Russia).

Maybe in method.vtheatre.net

More than I can handle. Most of the questions I have are for myself. Including this very page. I have "notes" pages in every directory, to leave subject pages safe from my rumbling. I began to make "students" pages; simply because the people who come to my sites do study theatre and film. Is this in addition to FAQ or Help pages? Anatoly-webmaster is self-tought and not bright, you know. Like Igor, the true monster....


The Instructor's Pages I will keep in Classes Directories.

Also, Teaching ONLINE page in Theatre Theory directory...

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Film w/Anatoly I & II: Directing + Theory

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