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2007 updates? Full circle -- at first, I had links on every page, then I made a special page "books", next -- directory (film books or theatre)... and at last, biblio pages in every subject sub-directory!

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Method for Directors?
+ The Art of Drama Teaching ~ Michael Fleming
Offers ideas for teachers and student teachers of drama, and for those interested in using drama to teach other subjects
The book discusses 25 drama techniques, each accompanied by practical examples of lessons and illustrated by an extract from a play
Usual Price : 16.00 ($25.46/22.52 euros) Our Price : 13.60 ($21.64/19.14 euros) stageplays
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Oedipus review
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The Importance of Being Earnest
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Twentieth-Century Theatre: A Sourcebook by Richard Drain; Routledge, 1995 [ ]


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Russian Soviet AvanteGuarde

I have many problems in life, one of them the textbooks. Most theatre textbooks are written with the wrong attitude. They are for the students who understand everything. In my experience the kids come to my class because they DO NOT understand. Or even worse -- they understand it wrong!
They got wrong ideas about acting, about theatre and about life. Before I can make them understand, they have to see wrong and right. In Fundamentals of Acting we do the usual -- some analysis, some exersices, monologues, scenes. It's okay when you have in front of you non-theatre major. The majors can go further unless they stop surfing profession. You didn't like this word I use -- life, did you? That's where the resistance comes.
In math class they do not have to go through personal transformation, it's just "knowledge" -- we can't work this way in arts. In order to change yourself, you have to know yourself. That is the philosophy behind Method Acting. Art is very personal, on stage it's done on public.
I guess, somebody after my class wrote in the bathroom backstage -- Everything you know is wrong! No, not everything, boy! Only the things you do not know are wrong!

The good books on theatre are the difficult read. You have to stop and think, because you do not understand. Many textbooks I get for class adaption I glance through. Many looks the same. I teach full time since 1986 and every semester I order a new textbook for Acting One class. You see my problem?

I do not know, if the Web is the answer, but I keep adding new webpages for my classes. Acting, Directing, Film, Drama...

And now Virtual Theatre Project!

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The book listings are auto-generated and therefore I put my recommended reading lists on subject pages or with the class pages.

Respect for Acting In her introduction to Respect for Acting, actress and teacher Uta Hagen talks about a time when she herself had no respect for the art of acting. "I used to accept opinions such as: 'You're just born to be an actor'; 'Actors don't really know what they're doing on stage'; 'Acting is just instinct--it can't be taught.'" But this attitude of "you got it or you don't" is fundamentally one that denigrates the craft, as she points out. Great actors do not perform effortlessly, or merely through learning the appropriate tricks and cheats to manipulate an audience. Great acting is about the difficult fusion of intellect and action--about sincerely and truthfully connecting to the moment, your fellow actors, and the audience--and Hagen's thoughtful and profound book contains a series of observations and exercises to help an actor do just that. Her prose style is admirably clear and filled with examples from her own lengthy career both as a performer and in the classroom. While her exercises in sense memory and basic objects skirt close to the sort of self-absorption that followers of "the Method" are routinely accused of, they are presented clearly and with a focus on practical results. And in such places as her chapter "Practical Problems," which includes discussions of stage nerves and how to stay fresh in a long run, her straightforward advice is invaluable.


Samuel French
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Theatre Insight
Aphrodite - 200X Aesthetics
THE STAGE DIRECTORS HANDBOOK (ed. David Diamond & Terry Berliner, New York: TCG, $18.95, 256pp., ISBN 1-55936-150-6)

The first ever sourcebook for directors and choreographers provides numerous opportunities for both students and professionals to develop and broaden their careers while providing easy access to the many resources available on the field. Prepared by the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, this book was developed over six years from SDC Foundation meetings and forums, as well as materials published in their journal. The Handbook includes over 560 listings and sections on:
-University Director Training Programs and Workshops
-Career Development
-Resume Tips
-Grants, Fellowships and State Arts Councils
-Service Organizations and Unions
-Agents, Attorneys and Personal Managers
-Regional Theatre Opportunities
-Producing Your Own Work
-Working Abroad and Foreign Festivals
-New Media Resources and Opportunities
-Books and Periodicals
(This material is quoted from the flyer distributed by TCG)
Ordering Info: Contact TCG by email at ORDERS@TCG.ORG or call customer service at 212-697-5230. You may, of course, choose to order through your local bookstore or online booksellers.

Acting: The First Six Lessons (Theatre Arts Book) For actors by an actor of rare subtlety and imagination; for directors by a brilliant versatile director. Richard Boleslavsky's knowledge of the theatre was based on wide experience. A member of the Moscow Art Theatre and director of its First Studio, he worked in Russia, Germany and America as actor, director and teacher. On Broadway, he produced plays and musical comedies and he was a leading Hollywood director.


Dialect Accent Specialist, Pub.


Richard Stoddard (212) 645-9576
Performing Arts Books
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(212) 302-6740
62 West 45th Street
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Libreria Docet (051) 23.07.57
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Bx. 127
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Dramatis Personae
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Jeff Davis/Raintree Books ABA FABA
432 N. Eustis St
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Blue Dragon Bookshop
36 S. 2 St.
Ashland, OR 97520
Liber Musicalis
40 Holly Ln.
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Lyman Books, Theatre
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Sanford Meisner on Acting This book, written in collaboration with Dennis Longwell, follows an acting class of eight men and eight women for fifteen months, beginning with the most rudimentary exercises and ending with affecting and polished scenes from contemporary American plays. Throughout these pages Meisner is delight--always empathizing with his students and urging them onward, provoking emotion, laughter, and growing technical mastery from his charges. With an introduction by Sydney Pollack, director of "Out of Africa" and "Tootsie," who worked with Meisner for five years.

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Illustrated Theatre Production Guide: Illustrated Theatre Production Guide contains a brief history of physical theatres and the development of various forms such as thrust, proscenium, and black box venues. Operation of theatre equipment is covered in detail in the chapters on rigging and curtains. Instructions for operating a fly system and basic stagehand skills such as knot tying and drapery folding, are clearly outlined. The use of metal tubing as a structural element is explored as an alternative to wooden scenery. The chapter on lighting discusses electrical theory as well as the practical aspects of hanging and focusing lights. The final chapter in Illustrated Theatre Production Guide is a compilation of many different projects that are easy to approach and to complete, and have practical value for a theatre group. $24 0240804937

The Production Notebooks: Theatre in Process (Theatre in Process, Vol 1): (Paperback)

Theatre Audiences: A Theory of Production and Reception: Susan Bennett's highly successful Theatre Audiences is a unique full-length study of the audience as cultural phenomenon. It considers both theories of spectatorship and the practices of different theatres and their audiences. Published here in a new updated edition, Theatre Audiences now includes a new preface by the author, a new chapter on intercultural theatre, a revised conclusion encompassing the influences of cultural materialism and psychoanalysis on audience theory, as well as an updated bibliography. A must for anyone interested in spectatorship and theatre audiences.

Create Your Own Stage Production Company: The practical, step-by-step guidance packed into this book shows aspiring theatrical producers just how to set up and run a successful stage company. Starting with forming a company, the author explains how to establish and fund a budget; book a stage venue; obtain necessary licenses and insurance; see that health/safety regulations are in compliance with local laws; then cast, rehearse, and put the show on view for the public and critics. Details on the duties of the house manager, stage manager, technical crew, and box office help are all included, along with tips on publicizing and promoting shows.

How to Run a Theater: A Witty, Practical, and Fun Guide to Arts Management: The definitive arts management guide, this book is written with tremendous insight and humor and packed with dozens of lists, such as "22 Wonderful Ways to Improve Your Life in the Theater" and "20 Distractions that Erode Productivity." It provides information on improving an organization by building audiences, bolstering fundraising, and tightening finances. Also covered are tips for solidifying relationships with boards, volunteers, communities, and colleagues. It's all here, from managing one's own life, working with a board of trustees, and managing a team to negotiating, fundraising, marketing, and financial management. This resource will appeal to all those who work in arts management-from novices to veteran middle managers and executive directors.

Stage Management (7th Edition) (Paperback): The "bible" in the field of stage management, this book is a practical examination of the role of the stage manager in overall theater production. Full of practical aids such as websites and email addresses in every chapter, checklists, diagrams, glossaries, and step-by-step directions, this volume has been used and admired by students and theater professionals alike. It eschews excessive discussion about method or philosophy and, instead, gets right to the essential materials and processes of putting on a production. Perhaps most importantly, Stern has continued to keep pace with the technological and professional developments affecting the stage. For theatre professionals, or anyone with an interest in stage management/ theatre management.

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