Summer 1998 : I made my first webpages to help/assist myself with classes I teach at Theatre dept. at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

One subject = one page [ chapter ]

A lot of time went into learning webmaster tricks...

I still do it [ 11.22.2008 ].

Each course I taught eventually asked for it own directory (and sub-directories).

Plus, many service/support pages -- intro, title, notes, and etc.

I tried to keep record of doing it at &

I hope that my web journey could help others, who study theatre.

PS. Some "elements" of webpages are questionable (like this "map" on this page), but I leave them in place.


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From 2009 + = vTheatre ?

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Maybe now I have have my pages?

Maybe I still can be myself?

Maybe I am in the wrong place...

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